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There are many reasons women decide to wear a wig; convenience, medical implications (cancer treatments, medication, alopecia), religion and culture, change your style, cover balding or thinning hair, to be fun, to be daring, and more. We carry a variety of brands, textures, colors, and styles to accommodate every customer.  Our wigs vary from high grades of synthetic, premium fiber blends, and human hair.

Please refer to our How To / How to Shop for My Wig page for key notes when shopping for wigs. If you are in the Pittsburgh and surrounding area we suggest scheduling an appointment and coming into our boutique.  The culture of A Hair Boutique will amaze you.  Our skilled consultants are friendly, compassionate, and experienced.  We do not keep secrets from you about wig maintenance and care.  We pride ourselves on providing education to our clients.

 What to expect during a wig consultation?

1. Compassionate and private service.

 2. A variety of cap constructions, styles, and colors readily available to try on.

 3. A full explanation of the wigs, pieces, and maintenance.

 4. Honesty!

 Most clients leave in good spirits feeling relieved, hopeful, and beYOUtiful! 

 We have three classifications of wigs; stock wigs, semi-custom, custom.  

Stock Wigs 

These wigs are pre-cut, styled, and in stock. Size and cap fit are general but can be adjusted with elastic bands, clips, snaps, or Velcro. Color availability may be limited for cash and carry.

Semi-Custom Wigs 

These wigs are semi-precut and styled but can be trimmed and set for further desired style and fit. Size and cap fit may vary from petite, average, large, and extra-large but can also be adjusted with elastic bands, clips, snaps, or Velcro. Custom colors are ordered for a perfect match.

Custom Wigs 

These wigs are totally tailored to your personal fit, style, color, texture, and density. A consultation is required for custom wigs so that a specialist can take measurements, learn your specifications, and design your wig.

Please keep in mind wigs last longer and remain comfortable with proper care. Please check out the How To/ How to Care for My Wig page.

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