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Our team is an extended family with grand dynamics, skill in customization, extensive experience, and deep rooted core values. We are dedicated to building relationships with our clients to learn their likes and what enhances their natural beauty. We are innately compassionate, understanding, and creative. We spend countless hours learning the most innovative creations in wigs and hair. It is our purpose to help others feel beYOUtiful!



LaToya Johnson-Rainey opened A Hair Boutique Shadyside after working with her family beauty supply store and over 15 years in the beauty industry.  She has a personal testimony of temporary hair loss after her own hair was burned in a tragic car accident that took the life of her mother Sandra Marie Johnson.

Toya has earned a MBA in Business & Innovation and a B.S. in Business Communications.  She published her first book in 2014 titled The Hair Commandments; The Shalls & Shall Nots of Weaves, Wigs, and Natural Hair. 

Through her experiences, Toya realized a need for a intimate place where women could shop and learn about hair alternatives. Her passion for empowerment through beauty started at a young age from watching her mother who was a hair stylist at a prestigous Shadyside salon. Toya loved the transformation she witnessed in a woman's attitude after she felt better about the way she looked.  This passion continued to grow and compelled her to open A Hair Boutique Shadyside. 

As a Pittsburgh native, Toya has a deep rooted admiration for small businesses and the community.  She spends countless hours, volunteering, mentoring, and teaching business attributes for various organizations and individuals. 

People who know Toya describe her as sweet, strong, ambitious, and caring. 





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