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Our Boutique location is currently closed as we stand for Social Distance while we as face the COVID-19 global crisis.  We empathize with everyone that this is effecting and we are here to help in any way that we can. Please checkout some of our virtual options or give us a call so we can go over our safe and efficient options.  Please stay safe.

As always, safety and hygiene is a top priority at A Hair Boutique.

We continue to follow occupational health and safety regulations at all times, every day – regardless of season or sickness. We do this to ensure the safety and health of our clients as many of them have low tolerance immune systems. 


Sanitation and cleaning practices we ALWAYS follow:

We very rarely have more than ten people in the shop at a time.All stainless-steel and styling tools are soaked in barbicide. After each guest, we wipe the chair and stations with anti-bacterial spray and wipes.All materials that are used on contact such as wig caps and combs for someones natural hair are disposed after use. Railings, door knobs, and pens are sanitized and wiped down daily

Extra Precautions during this time (when we are open):

Railings, door knobs, and pens are wiped after each client. Specialists will wear gloves during consults.Unless styling or heat tools are involved.Gloves are disposed of after each guest and a new pair is used each time. Maximum of 5 people total in the shop at a time.




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