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Client Testimonials


“My experience at A Hair Boutique could not have been better. I went there just after starting chemo. Toya was wonderful, she made me feel so good.   She made me feel so comfortable. I purchased 3 wigs and felt no pressure.  I have recommended her to everyone.  She is a Christian and is able to demonstrate that in her every day intervention with clients.  I now consider her a friend!!”   -Linda S. (wife, mother, grandmother, survivor)

“My wigs were very attractive and easy to take care of.  The owner was very helpful and most accommodating.  She even came out to Providence Point where I live and brought me another wig like the one I had purchased in her shop.  I would highly recommend her and her products”    - Mrs. Cohen (survivor, conqueror)
“I will likely have to be in chemo for the rest of my life so my hair will never be healthy again. This just means I have to get used to the wigs and will be a permanent customer. If this were my only worry, I'd be good. Thanks so much for your support.  I am even more comfortable with my girl (Liv as I call her) now. I have mastered several hairstyles and both the tape and the glue!!! ”   -Nikki F. (mom and conqueror)
“In my religion women keep their hair covered after they are married for modesty.  I was afraid to wear a wig because I didn’t think it would stay on and feared I wouldn’t look right in a wig.  Therefore I wore head wraps and scarves for about two years.  A dear friend gave me a gift card to this beautiful private shop so I decided to give it a try.  I can not express how they helped me by finding the perfect fit and style wig that I feel comfortable and confident in.  AND it NEVER fell off.  I had no idea what to look for and they truly helped me and I didn’t go over my gift card amount which made even more happy”   -Chava R. (wife and teacher)

"I came to A Hair Boutique because I have Lupus and was losing most of my hair. I started losing my hair in February of 2015.  Lupus is an auto-immune disease. Due to this I wasn't feeling as confident as I normally would. With Lupus certain things take more energy than others. Showering and getting ready was one of those things. Having a wig makes things so much easier and allows me to conserve energy. Now that I have a wig I have a new confidence. No one even knows that I have a wig. The vibrant color is exactly the color I use to have before losing mine. The style is not only curly like mine use to be but it's a little more curly like how I always wanted my hair! I am very lucky to have found A Hair Boutique”.    - Gabby S. (student)      



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